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tv   CNN Saturday Morning  CNN  November 10, 2012 4:30am-5:00am PST

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bottom of the hour now, welcome back, everyone. i'm randi kaye. >> i'm victor blackwell. thanks for starting your morning with us. five stories we're watching this morning. first up, an extra marital affair has ended the career of cia director general david petraeus. he admitted the affair in his resignation letter. after being married for over 37 years, i showed extremely poor judgment by engaging in an extra marital affair. such behavior is unacceptable, both as a husband and as the leader of an organization such as ours. michael morell will step in as acting director and he has been deputy director since may of 2010. more on this later in the hour. turning to the economy now. with just 52 days to reach a deal, president obama is set to meet with congressional leaders to discuss the so-called fiscal cliff. both the president and house speaker boehner said they are open to compromise, but tax
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hikes on the rich are a sticking point. number three, the teen girl shot in the head by the taliban for trying to go to school in pakistan is now walking and reading and writing and smiling. this is new video of malali youssufzai. she received international support and thousands of get-well cards. today marks one month since the attack. people who were made homeless by superstorm sandy are finding some relief courtesy of fema. fema has set up a temporary shelter camp in new jersey that looks like a massive tent city. it houses more than 200 people affected by the storm, as well as thousands of utility workers and first responders. thousands of them. but fema officials say sandy evacuees will be moved into better housing this week. number five now, the ceo of the popular southern restaurant chain waffle house has been accused of sexual improprieties
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by his former assistant. she is accusing him of "performing sexual services including inappropriate touching and appearing naked in front of her for the nine years she worked for him. rogers has not responded to the claims. voters in two states, washington state and colorado, voted to legalize marijuana for recreational use. we're not talking about medicine, but simply to get high for fun. check out some of the reaction in colorado this week. >> i am feeling amazing. this is the best day i've seen in my life. >> obviously, it's always nice to be right. so, but, you know, we're really happy and, most importantly, it's just great that we're not going to see another 10,000 colorado e coloradoans arrested. >> joining me now is neal franklin, a 32-year law
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enforcement veteran in maryland and also speaks for a group called le against prohibition. >> i'm in favor because marijuana legalization is not something new. this policy of prohibition has been a perpetual policy disaster for over four decades now. as a matter of fact, one of the first law enforcement leaders, a man by the name of august vietnam vommer chief of berkeley in california and also the first leader of international chiefs of police. right after the end of alcohol prohibition in the 1930s, he said that managing drugs in our community is an issue for health. it is not one to be solved through law enforcement. this is nothing new. there are many reasons to end marijuana prohibition in this
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country and i'm glad that voters in colorado and washington stepped forward. this has been on the president's plate ever since he's been in office and it's time for him to deal with it. >> you were on the front lines for many years in the war on drugs, but i understand a tragic accident of a fellow officer changed your life. is that when you decided that drugs should be legalized? >> that was the real turning point for me. matter of fact, just a few miles from where i sit here in washington, d.c., he was assassinated making an undercover drug buy working with the fbi. and that was the turning point for me. it made me really see how violent our community had become because of the prohibition of drugs like marijuana. and it's time -- >> are you in favor of legalizing all drugs? >> oh, absolutely. we have to get it away from criminal hands. our communities have become so violent because we turned the management of drugs in our communities over to criminal gangs. our neighborhood gangs, the
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cartel, you know, the u.s. department of justice said just a couple of years ago that the cartel were operating in 230 communities in our country. today, they reported that it's over 1,000. it's not getting any better. putting money in the hands of criminal gangs and organizations so that they can enter into other criminal enterprise. look at mexico. over the past five to six years they had over 60,000 of their citizens murdered by the cartel. 10,000 citizens still missing. thousands of orphans who were being recruited by the cartel to carry on the criminal business. >> so, doesn't this change? i mean, we have been telling our children for decades, drugs are bad, don't do drugs. we've been telling them they're illegal, don't buy drugs. this change s that whole conversation. >> no, we continue to tell them that. look what we've done with tobacco. rereduced consumption because we've been telling our kids it's
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not good for you. we almost cut it in half just through education and treatment. that's what we need to do with marijuana and other drugs. not to subject them to being arrested. i got to mention this, racial profiling. the foundation for racial profiling is the prohibition of drugs like marijuana. i, as a police officer, can approach any one, any car and search them just on the premsis, you knoxwoknow what, i smell marijuana. there's probable cause to search you. now it's the time for the president to work with state legislatures in colorado and washington and deal with this issue. it belongs in the hands of health practitioners, not the police. >> neill franklin, thank you for your perspective on this this morning. >> thank you. david petraeus out as cia chief. he resigned in the wake of an
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back to our top story now. the shocking resignation of david petraeus. he admitted to having an extra marital affair. joining me on the phone is cnn national security contributor fran townsend. she is a member of the cia external advisory committee. fran, you said that this is a terrible blow for the country, aside from losing his expertise to the cia what other reprecussions do you see to the intelligence community? >> you know what, i think we have to put this in perspective. while much of washington, i think, the country was shocked by yesterday's news of david petraeus' resignation, the cia is an agency that has suffered terrible losses. remember, at the coast bombing they lost a good number of their own offices, who were killed. so, this is an agency that understands the depths of loss and the heights of success and
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the killing of bin laden. they're going to be fine. move on as an organization and the new acting deputy director career analyst from the cia. he was george w. bush's presidential briefer. he is an absolute professional and respected throughout the agency. look, i expect that the cia will be, you know, certainly competently and well led and they will continue to focus on their mission as they have through other successes and other tragedy. >> a former cia operative robert on "piers morgan tonight" said he is known four or five cia directors who had extra marital affairs and this has to be about something more than just sex. do you agree with that or just honor was the reason that he resigned? >> look, i had the privilege of working with david petraeus, both at my time in the white house and then on the external advisory board. and i think this was a very
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difficult decision for him, but i do believe that he's been forthright about it. i think that for him having worn the uniform and lived by the code of military justice, he understands that his behavior is inconsistent with the values. in his book he talks about live your values and he's not done that. and i think that this is a personal failing for him and he feels the weight of that. so, i believe that this is really about what he says. it's about the affair. he feel like he didn't live his own valus and that he needed to step back from the leadership position from public life to deal with it. >> we know that the reporting thus far has indicated that this was a surprise for the president when general petraeus went in and talked with the president. they both decided to take a day to think about it and then general petraeus went back in, submitted his resignation and the president accepted it. there are questions about the role of the white house and how
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the president could not have known about this before general petraeus brought it to him if the fbi is conducting this investigation of the director of the cia, no less. >> yeah, not possible. it is not possible that the president learned on thursday from dave petraeus. absolutely inconceivable. so, you know, look, i worked in the white house. there is a protocol for notifying the white house, not that the whiteouse can't do anything about it, but the white house has to be notified when there is a counterintelligence investigation of a cabinet member or senior administration official. so, in this case, in all likelihood the person would have been first notified by the fbi of the counterintelligence investigation and jim clapper. jim clapper would have had an obligation to notify someone in the white house. likely the white house chief of staff or the national security adviser of the ongoing and the
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ongoing investigation and the nature of it. we don't know the white house has not confirmed who was notified, had not given us a timeline. we don't know when and then it would have been up to those in the white house when to notify the president. with the election they may have tried to wait to decide to wait until after the election, if that was possible. we simply don't know the answer to questions about this timeline. you rest assured the president did not learn for the first time from david petraeus. >> we have more questions and we're working to get more answers. fran townsend, thank you. not everyone was happy about the results of tuesday's election and some are showing their disapproval in ways you might not expect. the way it cleans. everything about the oral-b power brush is simply revolutionary. oral-b power brushes oscillate, rotate and even pulsate to gently loosen and break up that sticky plaque with more brush movements than manual brushes and even up to 50% more
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>> a little bit earlier we had folks make a special request. many folks said if their candidate lost the election, they would be moving to canada. that was some of the folks promises out there. let me give you the quickest and
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direct route to canada. take highway 75 northbound, northbound up through kansas, past kansas city. when you get into omaha -- >> yes, yes. >> i love it. >> isn't that great? we watched on tuesday night as people all over the world celebrated obama's re-election but not everyone is excited. you saw lots of folks threatening to move to canada and this guy was helping them out. >> you don't like democracy, here's the road a few hundred miles, take a passport. >> go north. that was pretty funny. >> first time i've seen this. i'm sure they got a big response from people not happy about the map. let's go to the university of mississippi and the reaction here not as funny. students accused of using racial epithets and chanting after the president's win was announced. the university said the crowd reached 400 people at its peak. before university police, quote, forcibly dispersed the crowd, of course. >> apparently they were running obama campaign signs, they were
4:51 am
burning obama-biden pictures. it was really -- it got really, really ugly. >> and it's unfortunate for ole miss because they have been trying to change the image of the university and this does not help at all. just had their first homecoming queen, our executive producer, nora, was telling me that, is that right? they just had their first african-american homecoming queen, so they are trying to change that image. this doesn't help. >> certainly not. >> all right. we'll be back. the wheels of progress haven't been very active lately. but because of business people like you, things are beginning to get rolling. and regions is here to help. making it easier with the expertise and service to keep those wheels turning. from business loans to cash management, we want to be your partner moving forward.
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we're in evans, georgia, and this is southern tots. ashley jernigan started this clothing company after she received a pink slip in 2010. >> let's pick out some fabric that goes together. >> i had been laid off, it was a new chapter. i thought okay, i'm going to do something for myself, i'm going to do something i enjoy. i love kids clothes, i love my children and they inspire me. >> what do you want to be? >> mommy's helper. >> see, that's what makes me happy. >> southern tot. >> they do photo shoots and model for us. it wouldn't be possible without them. >> they're all over facebook. >> yes, they are. i wonder if some day they're going to go oh, my gosh, why did my mom do this to me? but for now they enjoy it, they love it. >> how did you come to this idea of starting a business just using facebook? >> our customers have really made our business be what it is.
4:56 am
when i started to do sales on there, i asked my fans, hey, do you want sales at night or during the day, and what days do you want it? kids have soccer practice. so it became what time they want it. we would get on there and sell stuff. >> this is a new phenomenon, a facebook business. >> absolutely. >> and everything we saw out in the warehouse on the work floor actually starts with a garment in this photo. >> that's true. this is my daughter addison. she's wearing my grandmother's jacket that had smocking on it and it just depose goes to show tradition of smocking and how important it is. that would have been her great-grandmotr. to have this picture is important. it feels good to draw inspiration from things and it also feels good to just create and accomplish something. there's nothing more that i could give my kids than that. i felt that the work that i had done in running for office
4:57 am
had come full circle. because what you guys have done means that the work that i'm doing is important. and i'm really proud of that. i'm really proud of all of you. >> tears of pride, joy, maybe just a little relief that it's all over there by the president. >> probably a bit of all three. and jeanne moos noticed that the campaign room, thank you, was not the only time the president got a little emotional. look. >> reporter: you know you're in for a sentimental night when it starts with one of those famous obama hugs where they seem like they're all alone, even though tens of thousands of us are watching. but enough kissing, time for reminiscing. iowa is where barack obama's drive for the presidency got its start. >> and you welcomed me and michelle into your homes. >> reporter: and then it
4:58 am
happened. >> and mr. obama got teary-eyed. >> wiped a tear from his face. >> an emotional night, even for a president known for keeping his cool. >> reporter: maybe it was the cold making him cry. nah. >> to say one thing to all the young people. >> reporter: not once, but three times -- >> to all of you who have lived and breathed the hard work of change, i want to thank you. >> reporter: the president used his finger -- >> who believe we've got all something to contribute. >> reporter: -- to dab away a tear. no surprise the president's had some of his critics crying. crying foul. who cries from just one eye, asks someone calling herself joanie baloney. the president has cried before at a funeral for a civil rights activist as michelle eyed his watering eyes. and four years ago, exactly one day before the election -- >> it's hard to talk about. >> reporter: then senator obama
4:59 am
lost the grandmother who helped raised him and this time thumbed away the tracks of his tears. >> broken politics in washington. >> reporter: four years apart, both times a day before the election. >> say one thing to all the young people. >> reporter: but barack obama is no john boehner. >> i spent my whole life chasing the american dream. >> reporter: with president obama it almost takes a still photo to capture the tears and then nostalgia gave way to kissing those tears goodbye. jeanne moos, cnn, new york. >> who cries from just one eye? can the man cry any way he wants to? all right. thanks for starting your morning with us. >> we've fought much more ahead on "cnn saturday morning." it starts right now.